Madrid Chess Conference 2018, organized by Madrid Chess Academy under the auspices of European Chess Union, will take place from 23rd-25th March in  Madrid/Spain.

The Conference is conceptualized as the Educational Conference with main themes Scholastic chess and Educational chess, as well as resources how to improve Chess in Schools project. The Conference will comprise three days of interactive presentations and work groups.


Last year, the conference featured several tutors, highly educated professionals, who spoke about methodologies of educative and competitive chess, methodologies and importance of working together with chess teachers. The speakers also pointed on the significance of making the childrens’ competitions more friendly, how to construct valuable chess projects and how to fund them and how Scholastic chess in Spain is progressing.

Along the last years speakers of the Madrid Chess Conference were also the members of ECU Educational Commission: Mr. Luis Blasco de la Cruz, Mr. Alessandro Dominici, Mr. Kevin O’Connell, and the ECU Treasurer, Mr. Martin Huba.

The full program of the Madrid Chess Conference 2018 will be published on the Official Website of the event. The registrations for participands and applications for interested to be the potential speakers of the Conference can be send on the official e-mail.

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