#Development FA and IO Seminars in Trieste

The European Chess Union, with the cooperation of the Italian Arbiters’ Commission on behalf of Italian Chess Federation and the FIDE Development Commission, organises a multiple-field training event specially dedicated to female participants, from 1st-7th September in the city of Trieste, Italy.

The objective of the event is to develop women’s activity in Chess as per the priorities set by the European Chess Union for the available FIDE Development Fund for Europe.

Hence, the European Chess Union hosts two Seminars: FA Seminar and IO Seminar to be held concurrently with the Trieste International Chess Festival that runs on September 01-08, 2019, in the City of Trieste, with special provisions for 40 places for female participants funded through the program. For those 40 places, will be covered full board accommodation and FIDE exam fee. Both Seminars will be held in the English language.


The seminars will be hosted in Ippodromo di Montebello, Piazza de Gasperi 4, Trieste TS – Italy c/o the Restaurant Hall. Official Hotel of the seminars will be Hotel Milano, located in Trieste, Italy.

For each Seminar 30 places are available for participants from European Federations. Among them 20 places per seminar, 40 in total are funded by the project: female participants will be granted full board accommodation, free participation, and coverage of Fide Exam fee.

The 40 free places for female participants will be selected according to the following criteria in order:

  • Federations Members: one at least places out of 40 will be granted to each federation applies.
  • Rest participants will be selected according to their chess experience & strength.
  • One female applicant may apply for one or both seminars but can be approved for one depending on the number of applications.


Applications for the seminars shall be sent on email: t.delega@gazeta.pl with a copy to ecu.secretary.general@gmail.com, before the registration deadline Friday, July 19th.

Application form

Official invitation


General, administrative procedures, ECU Secretary General Mr. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou: secretary.general@gmail.com

Info on seminars and exams: ECU Arbiters’ Council Chairman Mr. Tomasz Delega :  t.delega@gazeta.pl

Logistic, bookings: ECU Arbiters’ Council Councillor Mr. Marco Biagioli and ITA Arbiters’ Commission Councillor Mrs. Franca Dapiran: biagioli@virgilio.it, caf@arbitriscacchi.com