European Chess Union organizes two Development School Chess Teacher Seminars in June and August, which are providing a certificate recognizing that participants have met the required level of chess knowledge and understanding of didactical methods for teaching chess in schools. The seminars are supported by the FIDE development fund.


ECU School Chess Teacher Seminars will take place from 22nd-23rd June 2019 in Pristina, Kosovo* and from 7th-8th August 2019 in Bratislava, Slovakia (during the European Youth Chess Championship 2019). The seminar in Bratislava is open and free for all female participants as also Small Nations Participants (FIDE Zone 1.10). The courses deploy chess as a vehicle to teach thinking skills such as problem-solving and logical analysis. The methods presented are suitable for pupils from age 8 and older.

Pristina, Kosovo*

Both courses will have the following content: Didactic methods: SMART® method, questioning techniques, playing method, thinking skills, code of conduct, arranging class tournaments, mini-games, social formats, problem-solving, planning terms and lessons. Attendees may be Teachers, teaching assistants, school chess tutors, with basic knowledge of chess.

Courses draw upon decades of experience by European chess teaching experts who have trained thousands of teachers across Europe. The pedagogical approach has been validated by ECU Academic Advisory Board comprising leading international professors.

Trainers will be John Foley – Secretary of ECU EDU Commission (in Pristina, Kosovo*) and Jesper Hall – Chairman of ECU EDU Commission (in Bratislava, Slovakia).

The number of participants in both Seminars is limited to 30, and the Seminar which will be held in Slovakia is free for female participants and Participants from European Small Nations (FIDE Zone 10.1).

Bratislava, Slovakia

Registrations for the seminars may be done online on the following link: https://chessplus.net/ecu-course-graduates/.

For more information about ECU School Chess Teacher Seminar in Pristina, please contact training@chessplus.net or Kosovo Chess federation fshekosoves@gmail.com.

For more information about ECU School Chess Teacher Seminar in Bratislava, please contact please contact training@chessplus.net or the O.C of the European Youth Chess Championship 2019 nrklubsl@gmail.com.

ECU School Chess Teacher Seminar in Pristina, Kosovo*

ECU School Chess Teacher Seminar in Bratislava, Slovakia