Communique of the ECU Board Meeting CL No4/2022

Dear Chess Friends,

The ECU Board meeting took place on Friday 26th of August through teleconference:

Main information and Decisions

  1. The status of ECU staff/officers has been confirmed for the new term
  2. Mr. Erald Dervishi (ALB) reappointed as CEO of European Chess Union
  3. ECU Board appointed the ECU Commissions Chairpersons for the 4-years term

    ECU Arbiter Council: Mr. Geert Bailleul (BEL)
    ECU Educational Commission: Mr. Jesper Bergmark Hall (SWE)
    ECU Events Commission: Mr. Paris Klerides (CYP)
    ECU Commission on Women’s Chess: Mrs Regina Theissl Pokorna (AUT)

    For the rest positions in ECU Commissions and the ECU representatives-members to the FIDE Commissions a  call of interest opens till mid of September. The open call of interest is attached. 
  4. ECU Board discussed and endorsed the creation of a new ECU Media and Communications Commission and a Social Projects Commission or Directorate. 
    Further details will be announced in due course.
  5. ECU Board decided as an internal rule of the ECU administration for more transparency and distinction of roles that each appointed director, officer, chair, and secretary of the Commission must resign at least 4 months before the ECU elections if he/she decides to run for an elected ECU Board position. The 4 month period is the deadline for announcing the ECU election meeting and the start of the pre-election period. ECU notes that similar rules apply to most European countries.
  6. ECU Board decided to subsidize through the FIDE European development fund, the medalists’ seniors’ players of European Senior Chess Championship 2019 that lost their personal rights because World Senior Chess Championships 2020 and 2021 were not organized. Each of these players that were not qualified through World Senior Chess Championship 2019 or European Senior Chess Championship 2021 will be supported with 1000 euros with direct transfer to organizers of World Senior Chess Championship 2022 in Assisi, Italy. 
  7. ECU Board confirms the organization of the 1st European Cities & Towns Chess Championship in hybrid venues the weekend 3-4 December 2022. The official regulations will follow. 
  8. The 4th quarter ECU Board meeting will take place in the first half of November. The exact dates and venue will be announced.

 Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou
 ECU Secretary General