Communique of the ECU Board Meeting CL No1/2022

The ECU Board Meeting took place in Thessaloniki, Greece on the 4th and 5th of February 2022. The main session took place in Thessaloniki City Council Hall on 4th of February. The Board was welcomed by the Deputy Mayor Mr. Nikolaos Zeimpekis and the President of the Greek Chess Federation Mr. Stathis Efstathopoulos.

Main information and decisions:

  • The accounts for the year 2021 was approved.
  • ECU prorgam for the FIDE Development Fund 2022 was finalized. The activities include educational projects, Youth Training Programs, activities dedicated on Women’s Chess, Seminars, innovative events, social projects, and Institutional development.
  • The Board of ECU discussed the European Qualifiers for FIDE World Cup 2023. Due to the pandemic postponements, the qualification pathway of the European Championships for the Open and Women’s competitions has been changed to a 3-year cycle. ECU Board strongly believes that qualification under equal conditions via Open Championships is the fairest procedure for all players. Thus, it was confirmed that the 2022 European Chess Championship in Terme Catez Slovenia and the 2023 European Chess Championship in Moscow Russia will have 20 qualifying places each. We note that the 2021 European Chess Championship in Reykjavik has already allocated 23 qualification places. 
  • For the 2023 Women’s World Championship, 28 qualifying places will be awarded through the European Chess Championship. 10 places have already been awarded at the 2021 European Chess Championship in Mamaia, Romania. The 2022 European Women’s Championship in Prague, Czech Republic, and the 2023 European Women’s Chess Championship in Budva, Montenegro, will each have 9 qualifying spots.

European Championships

  • European Corporate Chess Championship 2022 was confirmed in Rotterdam, Netherlands on 18 & 19 June.
  • European Chess Club Cup 2023 is awarded to Duress, Albania.
  • European Youth Rapid & Blitz Chess Championship 2023 is awarded to Trebinje, Bosnia.
  • European Youth Rapid & Blitz Chess Championship 2024 is awarded to Prague Czech Republic
  • European Corporate Chess Championship 2024 is awarded to Paris, France

A Chess Board for All

The European Chess Union launched the campaign “A Chessboard for All” with the aim of donating special chessboards to blind or visually impaired children and young people throughout Europe at first stage. The program is inspired by the “A Ball for All” campaign supported by UEFA and other major international organisations.

ECU Board donated the first custom-made boards to the Thessaloniki School of Visual Impairment. The Chess Boards were delivered to the director of the School, Mr. Vasilis Messaritakis. Additionally boards donated to National #Chess Federations to distribute in their countries. The delivery to National Chess Federations will be continued. More information can be found here.

The Board of ECU has also decided to coordinate more social projects with Elias Mastoras, Chairman of IBSA Blind Football, who has developed the programme “A Ball for All” and has also initiated a number of social chess projects.

Hybrid Match ECU – Berlin Chess Association

A Hybrid match was played on the 5th of February ECU Board vs Berlin Chess Association using the new technology of Millennium-55 boards. The match ended in a tie 2-2.
1. GM Adrian Mikhalchishin (ECU) – FM Joachim Dr. Wintzer (BCA) 1-0
2. Ralf Schnabel (BCA) – Sarkhan Gashimov (ECU). 1-0
3. Gunnar Bjornsson (ECU) – Juergen Brustkern (BCA). 0-1
4. Ralf Gebert-Vangeel (BCA) – IM Eva Repkova (ECU) 0-1

All the information about the match can be found here: , .

Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou
ECU Secretary General

Circlular letter No1/2022 can be downloaded here.