Communique of the ECU Board Meeting- CL No.3

The European Chess Union 3rd  Board meeting for 2020, took place on the 27th of June through teleconference. The main areas under discussion and decisions made were the following: 

European Championships 2020 & 2021

  1. European Chess Union will not hold any official over the board European Championship till September 2020. Affiliated events are full responsibility of respective organisers.
    For the remaining program (October-December 2020) ECU will make anything possible, including special protocols, travel disclaimers, special conditions to be arranged by the hosting countries to organise as priority events concern professional chess players:

    A.  The European Club Cup
    B.  The European Women Individual Championship and
    C.  The European Open Championship.
    D.  Additionally, decisions for the European Rapid Championships will be taken in September. However, the final conduct of any event depends on the health conditions in Europe the next 3 months and the remaining restrictions in borders. Especially for the European Club Cup the decision will be made the next days as ECU evaluating all feasible options.
  2. The European Youth Chess Championship 2020 scheduled for Antalya Turkey in November is a mass event involving hundreds of young players and their parents. Such competitions need good preparation, early travel arrangements by National federations and participants.
    That is not even possible today for many counties. Moreover, ECU Board considers that such events should not taking place under stressing and special conditions for kids’ participants. Thus, the ECU Board decided to propose to Turkish Chess federation to postpone the Championship for 2021. 
  3. The rights of the organisers/hosting federations of the European Championships that will not take place in 2020, will be transferred to 2021 or 2022. 
  4. ECU Board confirmed as the venue for the European Individual Chess Championship 2021 the city of Reykjavik, Iceland. The event will take place in mid April (between 7-21 of April, exact dates to be defined) when traditionally taking place the annual International Reykjavik Open.

European Online Championships & Activities

The Board unanimously approved the following online events in September 2020.

  1. European Online Corporate Chess Championship.
  2. European Youth Team Chess Championship. 

    The detailed invitations will be published in due time. The European Youth team Championship shall be played from common playing venues for each team by the observations of arbiters appointed by the National Chess federations.
  3. Webinars for School Chess Teachers and Arbiters
  4. Training lecturers
  5. Webinars in co-operation with ECU and FIDE Women’s Commissions. 

Chess & Education

European Chess Union come into a memorandum with FIDE for the development of Chess in Education worldwide. For the purposes of the implementation of this agreement a Supervisor Panel and working group will be created with Chairperson the ECU Vice President Mrs. Dana Rezience Ozola and Supervisor the FIDE President Mr. Arkadij Dvorkovich.

Please find attached the regulations of the International Organisers seminar (27-30 July) co-organised by European Chess Union, FIDE Events and Women’s Commission open for all participants and supported by the FIDE Development for female participants and participants from FIDE Zone 1.10

ECU FIDE International Organisers Webinar

Communique of the ECU Board Meeting- CL No.3

Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou
ECU Secretary General