On 30th September 2016, the Bulgarian Chess Federation filled an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against the decision of the European Chess Union General Assembly on 10th of September 2016 to expel the Bulgarian Chess federation from the European Chess Union.


After an exchange of written submissions for both sides and the hearing held in Lausanne, Switzerland on 28th April 2017, the CAS dismissed the case brought by the Bulgarian Chess Federation against ECU and ruled that all costs of Arbitration shall be paid by the Bulgarian Chess Federation as also a part of the ECU legal expenses.

The Ruling was as follows:

  1. The appeal filled by the Bulgarian Chess Federation on 30th September 2016 is admissible.
  1. The appeal filled by the Bulgarian Chess Federation on 30th September 2016 is dismissed.
  1. The costs of the arbitration, to be determined and served to the parties by the CAS Court Office, shall be borne by the Bulgarian Chess Federation.
  1. The Bulgarian Chess Federation is ordered to pay the European Chess Union a total amount of CHF 5,000 as a contribution towards the expenses incurred in connection with these arbitration proceedings.
  1. All other motions or prayers for relief are dismissed.

ECU respects all decisions taken by CAS, the highest independent sport tribunal which has the jurisdiction to determine sports-related appeals.

CAS recognised that ECU acted in an entirely fair, proper and transparent manner.

More details and the CAS decision’s motivations will be communicated with the later publishment of the Arbitral full award.