Alexander Motylev wins European Rapid Chess Championship 2021

European Rapid Chess Championship 2021 concluded on Sunday, 19th of December after two days of play in Katowice, Poland.

After 11 played rounds three players were in a tie for the top, scoring 9.5 points each. Tiebreak criteria determined the Winner of the event and the medalists. Alexander Motylev (RUS, 2703) had the best additional criteria to claim gold.

Donchenko Alexander (GER, 2535) finished the event on the second place.

Bronze medal came to Pultinevicius Paulius (LTU, 2536).

Final results can be found here.

The total prize fund of the event was 19.000 EUR, with 4.000 going to the 2021 European Rapid Chess Champion. Along with the regular prizes, the best juniors, seniors, women players and best ranked players of different rating categories were awarded.

The best female players of the European Rapid Chess Championship 2021 were also decided by tiebreaks criteria as three best female players had the same score of 7 points. With best tiebreaks Sliwicka Alicja (POL, 2166) was first ranked women player, Kulon Klaudia (POL, 2227) second and Froewis Annika (AUT, 2092) was third.

The Closing Ceremony of European Rapid&Blitz Chess Championships 2021 took place yesterday evening, with attendance of ECU Vice President Mr. Adrian Mikhalchishin and FIDE Vice Presidents Mr. Lukasz Turlej and Ms. Anastasia Sorokina.

Photo gallery can be found on the Facebook page of the event.