FIDE Women’s World Chess Championship Match will take place in Lviv/Ukraine, 1-18 March, 2016.

Championship match logo

The match is played between Mariya Muzychuk (Ukraine), the 15th Women’s World Champion and Hou Yifan (China), two-time Women’s World Chess Champion.

The Championship Match will consist of 10 games and if necessary, tie-break games. The winner of the match shall be the first player to score 5.5 points or more. If the scores are level after the regular ten (10) games, after a new drawing of colors, four (4) tie-break games shall be played. The draw for colors will be conducted during the opening ceremony.

Mariya Muzychuk

The official venue of the FIDE Women’s World Chess Championship Match will be the Potockis’ Palace. The Palace of Counts Potockis is a majestic edifice in French Neorenaissance style of late 19th century. It is a bright example of mature historicism architecture and one of the most interesting architectural landmarks of Lviv, and it often hosts conferences, presentations, chamber concerts, and political meetings.

Hou Yifan

The opening ceremony of the Championship Match will be held in Lviv Opera House on March 1, at 6.00 pm, and the first game starts on March 2 at 3.00 pm. After every two games there will be a rest day.

The European Chess Union is proud to announce that the next ECU Board meeting will be held during the match, 1-2 March in Lviv.

The organizers released the Official Website of the Championship Match.