Webinar for Erasmus #Friday June 18


European National Chess Federations and their partners

Schedule: 18 June 3-5 PM CET in a ZOOM-meeting.


During the meeting you will be presented with the new rules for Erasmus+, how you make an application for an Erasmus+ project, what the process looks like, what the key factors for success are, and general advice. Practical examples of successful application of projects will be presented.

The next step is that persons, federations, or chess organizations can send in ideas for applications to the course leaders. The best ones will be pitched in a follow-up online-seminar, time decided later, to get feedback from the course leaders and the participants. The language will be English.

Course leaders

Jesper Bergmark Hall, Chairman of ECU Education, that is an experienced applicator and project manager. 

Alessandro Dominici, member of ECU Education and founder of Alfieri Bianco, that is the most successful applicator for chess projects from Erasmus+

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