GM Anna Ushenina made her 5th victory in a row at the European Individual Women’s Chess Championship 2016 and maintained the lead with half a point ahead.


In the 9th round she defeated GM Monika Socko (POL 2469) in a very turbulent game with lot of chamnes from both sides, and entered the very final stage of the Championship as the main favourite for the title.

top boards

We have seen many decisive results on the top boards in the round 9 and it seems that the ladies are fighting with high spirit and going all in!


IM Elisabeth Paehtz of Germany (2489) and IM Sabrina Vega Gutierrez (ESP 2375) made very important victories against IM Inna Gaponenko (UKR 2415) and IM Anastasia Bodnaruk (RUS 2475) respectively, and now tie for the second place with just a half point behind the leader.

Sabrina Vega

Round 9 results

Standings after 9 rounds:

1 Ushenina 7.5 points

2-3 Paehtz and Vega Gutierrez 7

4-6 Mkrtchian, Pogonina and Zawadzka 6.5

7-19 Stefanova, Gaponenko,Matnadze, Socko, Bodnaruk, Kursova,  Khukhashvili, Daulyte, Javakhishvili, Gara, Szczepkowska-Horowska, Styazhkina and Lazarne Vajda 6 points, etc.

Atalik vs Pogonina

Top round 10 pairings:

Vega Gutierrez vs Ushenina, Pogonina vs Paehtz, Mkrtchian vs Zawadzka, Daulyte vs Stefanova, Gara vs Javakhishvili, Khukhashvili vs Bodnaruk, etc.

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Shvayger vs Mkrtchian