European Chess Academy, Kasparov Chess Foundation and European Chess Union organize the Summer Chess Camp in Maribor, Slovenia, from 23rd-28th July 2018.


The Summer Chess Camp comprises of 5 days full-filled with individual and practical chess work and chess lectures given by famous chess trainers, Grandmasters and FIDE Senior Trainers. Besides the organized time for studying chess, participants will have also organized time for sports and fun, as well as the optional chess excursion.

The Summer Chess Camp will have more groups formed by the players of the same level. The Camp is open for everybody, and the groups will be created after the registration deadline 30th of June.

European Youth Chess Champions for 2018 of each group, the best players from Kasparov Chess Foundation and Slovenian National Champions will have the special invitation for the event.


The lectures will be given in three different languages: English, Russian and Slovenian, but if necessary, also in German and French, and the lecturers are:

  • Arshak Petrosian (references: Peter Leko, Armenian National team –3 times Olympic Champions!)
  • Alexandr Beliavsky (references: Garry Kasparov, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Alexandr Morozevic, sisters Muzychuk …)
  • Adrian Mikhalchishin (references: Anatoly Karpov, Polgar sisters, Maya Ciburdanidze …)
  • Vladimyr Grabinsky (references: Andrey Volokitin, Yury Krivoruchko …)
  • Olexandr Sulypa (references: Vasily Ivanchuk, Ukrainian team …)
  • + trainers asistents (the best Slovenian trainers)

Accommodation will be free to choose. The organizer will help according to the participants wishes.


Registration shall be done online before the registration deadline, 30th of June, on e-mail address of the Organizers:

Phone: 00386 40 834 432

The full program of the event is available down bellow or here..

Full program of Summer Chess Camp

Official Website of the event

Contact information:

Phone: 00386 40 834 432