B.14. Other matters

B.14. Other matters

B.14.1 All players, team captains and organisers are to take part in the opening and closing ceremony.

B.14.1.1 If one of the prize winners (player, member or captain of a team) is absent during the closing ceremony, then: his (their) money prize will be reduced by 20 % with a minimum of 100 € any other prize (medal, trophy, …) will not be awarded as long as a penalty of 100 € per player (or captain) has not been paid. The money will be forfeited to ECU.

B.14.2 The fact of beginning the game in the first round of a championship implies acceptance of the General Tournament Rules and the Specific Rules for this championship.

B.14.3 The logo of the European Chess Union has to be visible in the tournament hall.

B.14.4 The logo of the European Chess Union has to be put on all printed material related to the tournament, i.e. letter of invitation, tournament bulletins, announcements during the tournament, and so on. European Chess Union Tournament Rules 2016 Page 11

B.14.5 Official Hotels

B.14.5.1 In order to hold the ECU competitions in a proper manner and to be in permanent close contact with all participants, official hotels will be appointed. The room prices may not exceed the normal rates. Each participant is advised to stay in one of the official hotels. For European Teams Championship, European Club Cup, youth & school tournaments the players are obliged to stay in one of the official hotels. Exceptions can be made for local players. Players who choose another hotel than the official ones will take the risk of their transportation to the playing venue, security, and all official tournament information.

B.14.5.2 Organizers of ECU competitions may charge a maximum of 100 € as registration fee, for every person officially registered by his federation, in addition to the accreditation ECU fee, against the provision of certain services such as transfers, etc.

B.14.5.3 Organizers of ECU competitions are not allowed to charge financial penalties or any other sort of compensation to participants who choose not to stay in one of the official hotels, other than the registration fee, as described under 14.5.2

B.14.6 Players in individual competitions or teams in team competitions who are not represented at the technical meeting – one day before the start of the competition – will not be paired for the first round. Exceptions of this rule can be accepted by the chief arbiter of the tournament.

B.14.7 If a player in an individual competition or a team in a team competition of ECU wants to withdraw from the tournament before the last round the approval of the Chief Arbiter is necessary.

B.14.7.1 The Chief Arbiter may accept the withdrawal if it is based on an acceptable written certificate of a doctor or in case of an acceptable “force majeure”.

B.14.8 In all official competitions ECU shall exploit all rights which it owns or shares with third parties, such as property rights of any type, intellectual property rights and rights for audio-visual and sound-broadcasting transmissions by picture, pairings, standings, statistics or data carrier of any kind (including all means of transmitting computer images, with or without sound, such as internet, on-line services or the like, whether existing already or not). This includes the production, duplication, dissemination and broadcasting of pictures, sound or data carriers of any kind by ECU alone or with third parties.

B.14.8.1 For this purpose, ECU alone, or with third parties, shall be entitled to form or operate companies, for which they may make use of any legal entities authorized under Swiss law.

B.14.8.2 A detailed way of the exploitation of rights, the organisation of transmitting computer images, with or without sound, such as Internet, on-line services or the like will be specified by the ECU Board.

B.14.8.3 The way the income earned from marketing is shared, as well as the income earned from transmitting computer images, with or without sound, such as Internet, on-line services or the like, will be specified by the ECU Board.

B.14.8.4 The details from 14.8.2 and 14.8.3 for these Rules will become an integral part of every contract signed with the technical organizers of the official ECU competitions, starting from those awarded after January 1, 2012.

B.14.9   ECU Board may decide to organise a Grand Prix in Open, Women or Youth categories in swiss or round robin system. In such case a contract defining all terms may be signed by ECU with the potential organisers, but:

B.14.9.1  ECU has the right to charge ECU entry fees or/and a Licence fee

B.14.9.2 Chief and Deputies arbiters and Appeals Committee are appointed by ECU

B.14.9.3 The ECU tie-breaks and technical regulations are valid

B.14.9.4 The broadcasting rights (games and live streaming) belong to ECU

B.14.9.5 The broadcasting of the chess games will be supervised by one of the Deputy Chief Arbiters, who will be in charge of supervising the technicians

B.14.9.6 If during live broadcasting of the chess games, for whatever reason, an error appears, for example one of the game has been stopped, the above mentioned Deputy Chief Arbiter and/or the technician who ascertains the breakdown, immediately has to inform the Chief Arbiter