B.1. Participation

B.1.1   A European Chess Union (abbreviated hereinafter to “ECU”) chess federation is a federation that belongs to one of the FIDE Zones 1.1 to 1.10 which have principal authority over chess activities in their own countries and which have been admitted to ECU as member-federations.

B.1.2 All ECU Chess Federations shall have the right to participate in the European Individual and Team Competitions, irrespective of gender or age.

B.1.2.1 Women or girls competitions are exclusively for female players. Female players are allowed to participate in any competition.

B.1.3 All players participating in the European Individual and Team Championships must be entitled by birth, citizenship or naturalisation to represent their Federation.

B.1.3.1 Players in the European Club Cups shall have the right to participate for a club which belongs to another ECU federation than their own on the condition that they fulfil the rules regarding foreigners of this ECU competition.

B.1.4 Players not belonging to an ECU chess federation shall have the right to participate in the European Club Cups on the condition that they fulfil the rules regarding foreigners of this ECU competition.

B.1.5 Teams or players of ECU Federations may be excluded by the ECU Board from ECU competitions if they are not in order with their payments to ECU or FIDE for a period exceeding six months.