European School Internet Championship

O. European School Internet Championship


O.1.1.Each ECU National Chess Federation may enter one school team in each of the 2 age groups (total not more than 2 Teams from each National Chess Federation)

O.1.2 School team composition is 4 players, 2 boys and 2 girl; all players must be students of the same school.

O.1.3 Entitled to participate are players who shall not have reached the age:

  •  Group A (1st Group Players U11- Primary Schools – Grades 1-6)
  •  Group B (2nd Group Players U17 – High Schools – Grades 7-12)

O.1.4. Application form must be signed by the Teacher (Coach), the Principal of the School and Responsible Person from the National Chess Federation.



O.2.1.Each tournament will be played in one day according to the Swiss System in 7 rounds. National ratings will not be taken into consideration for the pairings. Rate of play will be according to FIDE regulations 10 minutes for the game, with an increment of 3 seconds per move starting from move 1.

O.2.2.All players of the school team must be located in the school computer classroom under the supervision of school coach/teacher and official person (licensed arbiter of National Chess Federation).

O.2.3. Team composition is, two boys in Boards No1 and No2 and two girls in boards No3 and No4. The team order cannot be changed.

O.2.4. All the teams-players shall be use PCs with a web camera

O.2.5. Qualifying stages may be organized by each National federation or the ECU



O.3.1.The first ECU team-winner in each age category is the ECU School Team Internet Champion and each player of team-winner in age category is the ECU School Internet Champion. Team-winners and their players will be awarded with ECU special diplomas and cups.

O.3.2.The winning teams’ players (8 players in total) are invited by ECU to take part at the European School Chess Championship in the following year, as players with personal rights