European Corporate Championship

P. European Corporate Championship


P.1.1 Any corporate entity is allowed to register up to two teams. Chess Clubs, Chess Associations, and Chess Federations are not allowed to participate in the championship.

P.1.2  A team is composed of 4 players main players and 1 optional substitute player. The team can’t have more than one player over 2400 ELO but should have at least one player below 2000 ELO.

P.1.3 For each round at least one player of the team shall have a commercial relation with the company with which he is playing for. Players shall be in rating order in teams composition (November ratings) in order to play amateurs against amateurs as possible.


P.2.1. The tournament will be a Swiss Open of 9 rounds.

P.2.2. The tempo of each game will be 15 minutes per game plus an additional of 3 seconds per move starting from move 1.


P.3.1.To received the awards and prize money, the team shall attend the closing ceremony.


P.4.1. The ECU entry fee is up to 250 euros and is defined in agreement with the organiser.

P.4.2.The minimum Prize fund is 5,000 euros.


P.5.1.Each member of the team shall wear a t-shirt where the logo and/or the name of the company will be printed.