F.7. Federation ranking list

F.7. Federation ranking list

F.7.1 After the European Club Cup each club is attributed a number of points corresponding to its place in the final ranking:

1st place: 100 points 11th place: 58 points
2nd place:90 points 12th place: 56 points
3rd place:85 points 13th place: 54 points
4th place:80 points 14th place: 52 points
5th place:75 points 15th place: 50 points
6th place:72 points 16th place: 48 points
7th place:69 points 17th place: 47 points
8th place:66 points 18th place: 46 points
9th place:63 points 19th place: 45 points
10th place:60 points Following places: 1 point less

F.7.2 The sum of the points attributed according to 7.1 is made for each federation and divided by the number of participating clubs for that federation.

F.7.3 The scores obtained according to 7.2 for the last three European Club Cups are added for each federation.

F.7.4 The federation ranking list is obtained by ranking the scores obtained according to 7.3