F.2. Organisation

F.2. Organisation

F.2.1 The tournament shall take place between September 15th and October 15th of each year. In exceptional cases the Board may accept other dates.

F.2.2 Bids

F.2.2.1 Each bid has to specify whether the organising federation will organise either either competitions or either only the European Club Cup, respectively the European Club Cup for Women.

F.2.3 The dates and the venue of the tournament(s) have to be fixed and sent out to all federations not later than March 1st of the year in which the competition is taking place.

F.2.4 Notice of participation

At least three months before the competition is taking place, every federation that intends to participate with one or more teams in either both competitions or either only the European Club Cup, respectively the European Club Cup for Women, must inform the organising federation of its acceptance of the invitation specifying the number of teams in each competition. Copies of the letter of acceptance should at European Chess Union Tournament Rules 2016 Page 20 the same time be sent to the Secretary General and to the Tournament Director of the European Chess Union. The letter of acceptance shall include the full name, address, telephone and fax number, and the email address of the participating club(s) and its contact person.

F.2.5 The basic players’ list of a participating club must notify the following details to the Tournament Director of the European Chess Union:

(a) name of each team member (surname, one first in full, initial of additional first names);
(b) FIDE rating and title of each team member (according to the most recent FIDE rating list);
(c) FIDE ID number of each team member;
(d) nationality of each team member;
(e) date of birth of each team member.

F.2.5.1 The basic players’ list shall include the board order of each club.

F.2.5.2 The basic players’ list shall be accompanied by the declaration of the national federation that the players fulfil the requirements under F.1.2.

F.2.5.3 The basic players’ list shall be accompanied by the declaration of those player(s) who has (have) been playing national team competitions in more than one federation.

F.2.5.4 basic players’ list can be changed not later than one day before the Technical Meeting with a fee of 200 EUR per player payable to ECU, excluding confirmed in written form health problems or force majeure.