European Anti-cheating rules

Q. European Anti-cheating rules

Q.1. All competition should be played according to FIDE Anti-Cheating Guidelines or Rules.

Q.2.In case of:

  1. Individual European Chess Championship
  2. European Team Championship
  3. European Club Cup and European Club Cup for Women
  4. European Youth Championship
  5. European Youth Team Championship

apart of FIDE Anti-Cheating regulations, following should be implemented:

Q.2.1. At least one arbiter must be designated for Anti-cheating matters

Q.2.2.At least one member of Appeal Committee must be designated for Anti-cheating matters

Q.2.3.Random checking of the players during the game by asking them randomly to pass walk-through gate. In case of medical objection requested by the player, a hand-held detector shall be used. It must be announced in the tournament regulations.

Q.2.4. Delay of 15 minutes of internet transmission

Q.2.5.The players are not allowed to have own pens and own watches in the playing venue. It must be announced during the technical meeting.