C.1. Bid application

C.1. Bid application

C.1.1 The organisation of all ECU competitions is granted by the ECU General Assembly or the ECU Board at least one year in advance. The ECU Team Championships, however, are granted by the ECU General Assembly at least two years in advance.

C.1.2 Each bid for organising an ECU competition has to be made by the national Chess Federation in which the championship will be held. The official bid form (see annex) shall be used. For the same ECU Competition each National Chess Federation can send only one bid.

C.1.3 To be valid, each application must contain detailed information of playing venue, schedule, entry fees, prizes, cost of accommodation, transportation and the cost of it, and all other details relevant to the tournament. In particular all information required in connection with visas should be given.

C.1.4 Bids for organising an ECU competition have to be sent by the organising chess federation to the ECU Secretariat before the deadline either indicated in the Specific Rules or fixed by the ECU Board for this ECU competition.

C.1.5 A bid will only be taken into account if the federation concerned has paid a bid fee according to the financial regulations to the account of the European Chess Union within one week after the deadline.

C.1.6 The European Women’s Individual Championship is combined with the subsequent year organization of the European Youth Championship. The combined bids are enforced from European Youth Championship 2018 and the European Women’s Individual Championship 2017.