Annex 9: ECU Guidelines for Accommodation & Transportation

Minimum requirements for the European Chess Championships
A9.1 Accommodation
A9.1.1 The hotel(s) has to be of top international standard category (five or four or three-star hotel).
A9.1.2 The travel time from the delegations’ hotel to the Playing venue shall not exceed twenty (20) minutes (by bus) and shall be made in one-time transfer for all participants not earlier than 1h before the start of the round.
A9.1.3 The hotel(s) should be finalised during the site visit with ECU Representative approval. Any changes subsequent to the site visit must be done only with ECU approval.
A9.1.4 Working cooling and heating equipment is mandatory in all official hotels, not only in the public areas, but in all guest rooms to provide a room temperature from 20 °C to 24 °C
A9.1.5 The hotel must have free internet access in each room (at least 5MB download and 2MB upload). In case the speed of the connection is not adequate the organizer is obliged to provide two designated team delegation members with 4G/3G or LTE data cards or the Organizing Committee must install additional mobile routers at its expense.
A9.1.6 It is highly recommended that the organiser and/or the hotel should provide the use of a fitness room in the hotel (if available) or in close proximity free of charge.
A9.1.7 The organiser should check with the hotel before the beginning of the competition about all problematic situations that might arise such as:
A9.1.7.1 Sufficient quantity and quality of hot and cold buffet food for players arriving late.
A9.1.7.2 Hygiene standards in the buffet & dining area.
A9.1.7.3 Early check-in and late check-out.
A9.1.8 The ECU representatives, Appeals Committee, Chief and Deputy Arbiters shall each be allocated in single rooms. An Executive Suite shall be provided for the ECU President. The hotel (4 or 5 stars at International standards.) should be situated in an appropriate area to facilitate convenient access to the competition venues.
A9.2 Information Desk
The desk should be located in the hotel lobby in order to assist with co-ordination for the organisation. At least one (1) person, who is capable of solving problems or answering any questions, shall be at the desk at arrival and departure times and the days of the first two rounds. Next to the desk shall be an information board which is always up to date with the following information:
A9.2.1 Competition schedule
A9.2.2 Transportation schedule – shuttle bus service timetable
A9.2.3 Technical Meeting program
A9.2.4 Daily Pairings & Standings
A9.2.5 Any relevant information related to the event
A9.2.6 Organiser telephone contact numbers
A9.2.7 Medical information
A9.3 Health Services
A9.3.1 Each National Chess federation or participants are obliged to have a valid travel health insurance during the competitions.
A9.3.2 The organisation shall assign a twenty-four-hour (24hr) medical staff to provide medical advice.
A9.3.3 There shall be a first aid team at the playing hall, using a first-aid room in the venue.
A9.3.4 Health officials shall be located in an area that is clearly visible and easily accessible from all over the venue since they will also assist the spectators if necessary.
A9.3.5 Each delegation must receive information in written form regarding all the fully-equipped hospitals in the area.