Annex 8: ECU Guidelines for Food and Beverages

Minimum requirements for the European Chess Championships

A8.1 Meals
A8.1.1 All the meals shall be provided at the hosting hotels. Any other arrangement shall have the written approval of the ECU representatives.
A8.1.2 Quality meals (three (3) meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner) in sufficient quantities must be prepared and guaranteed for the tournament participants (players, captains, trainers. ECU representatives, staff, arbiters and rest accompanied persons), based on the schedules of the championships.
A8.1.3 Menus should be designed to be nutritious as well as tasty and should be standardized and served in “buffet style”. Variety is also very important, and the buffet allows the possibility to give players more food. Emphasis should be placed on providing food which also takes into account special diets menus and all the meals shall be labeled.
A8.1.4 Examples of menus and a meal-time schedule should be sent no later than two (2) weeks before the start of the Championship to the ECU representative for information and approval.

A8.2 Contents shall include:
A8.2.1 Breakfast: Cereals (at least two (2) types), bread, croissants or muffins, yoghurt (natural and fruit flavours), honey, fresh fruit (at least three (3) different types of fruit, fruit juices (always orange juice plus one (1) other), marmalade, butter, jam, eggs, milk, coffee and tea. Bottled drinking water must be provided to the delegations.
A8.2.2 Lunch and Dinner: Pasta (plain) and rice must be served during every lunch and dinner and the types must vary each day. Sauces must be served separately. Different types of meat including chicken plus fish (without bones) should be available, normally meat (at least two (2) types) at lunch time and meat plus fish at dinner. Both meat and fish must be served without sauces. There must be a salad buffet, with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, and vegetables. Also, meat and fish can be combined with potatoes (fried, mashed or boiled), eggs (fried and boiled). Desserts must include fresh fruits, yoghurt and cakes. Fruit juices and bread should also be available during lunch and dinner. Bottled drinking water must be provided to Delegations.

A8.3 The timing of meals must be flexible according the games schedule and should be coordinated with the ECU representative to ensure that the players eat at the correct time. It should be noted that some evening meals may be required late at night after the last game and the hotel catering must be aware of this and able to provide fresh food as these times.

A8.4 Drinks
A8.4.1 A sufficient supply of bottled drinking water shall be made available for the players and accompanying persons at meals.
A8.4.2 A sufficient supply of bottled drinking water shall be made available for the players during the games. A sufficient supply of bottled drinking water, and coffee and/or tea per person should be made available for the technical officials, staff, arbiters during the games.
A8.4.3 All expenses related to food and beverages as outlined above shall be borne by the organiser.