Annex 5: Financial Guidelines for Arbiters and Appeals Committee

Annex 5: Guidelines concerning fees for the arbiters and members of the Appeals Committee in European Championships

  • These fees apply to the European Team Championship, the European Individual Championship (Open and Women), the European Club Cup (Open and Women) and the European Youth Championship (U10-U18). For all other competitions the fees can be fixed on a lower level.
  • The fees mentioned in the table above are net fees: the organizers are responsible for the payment of potential local or national taxes.
  • Unless agreed otherwise in writing and signed by both the arbiter and the organiser, the above fees shall be paid before the start of the last round.
  • The organizer is in charge of reasonable travel costs (e.g. flight ticket in economy class, train ticket in 2nd class, …) and accommodation.
  • For arbiters mentioned in B.10.2.2 (the foreign arbiters appointed by ECU Arbiters’ Council) the Organiser is responsible for the travel expenses up to the limit of 250 Euro.
  • If anyone acts only a part of the duration of the championship, his feed will be paid on a pro rata basis.
  • Any ECU Board member mentioned in article 3.3 of the ECU Financial Regulations cannot receive any fee mentioned in the above table when he is acting as chairman or member of the appeals committee.