5. Any new Members or Associate Members may only be admitted to membership by a simple majority vote of the those present and voting at the General Assembly, but the Board may admit a new Member to Provisional Membership (which shall carry the equivalent rights and obligations to membership apart from the right to vote at the Assembly) until the next General Assembly.

6. Applications for membership shall be made on the appropriate form of the ECU as authorised by the Board from time to time. Applicants shall satisfy the General Assembly as to their qualifications for membership of ECU and shall undertake to be bound by the Memorandum and the Articles of Association.

7. (a) All Members or Associate Members shall cooperate with the ECU and provide all necessary     information and documentation regarding (or referring to) the relation between the ECU and the Member on administration and accounting matters.

(b) The Board may for just cause propose to the General Assembly the permanent suspension of the Membership of any Member or Associate Member. The Board must serve a notice on such member giving reasons for its decision and the member shall have the right to make representations as to why it should not be removed from membership. Copies of both the Board’s notice and the member’s response shall be included as attachments to the Notice of the Meeting of the General Assembly. The General Assembly shall hear oral representations on behalf of the Board and the member and shall have the right to expel the member by a simple majority vote of those present and voting.

8. (a) The General Assembly shall be notified by the Board if or a Member’s or Associate Member’s ECU Dues are in arrears for more than 24 months and in those circumstances the General Assembly may on the recommendation of the Board suspend the membership rights and services of that member.

(b)   Any Member or Associate Member may terminate its membership by giving notice in writing to the President. It shall forfeit any ECU Dues already paid.

(c)    Members who are in arrears with their ECU Dues for a period exceeding six months automatically lose their vote at the General Assembly (but not at Extraordinary General Assembly Meetings).

(d)   The Board has the right to suspend all services to a Member or Associate Member in arrears with its ECU Dues for a period exceeding six months and to exclude the teams and individual players representing a Member from participation in any ECU events.

(e)   If any defaulting member settles his overdue all membership rights and services will be restored.