European Chess Union is delighted to announce Chess Evolution, as a new ECU sponsor and also as a sponsor of the ECU competitions.  In 2019, Chess Evolution will offer to ECU, chess materials of a total value of 75,000 euros according to the official price list of the company. The sponsorship can be renewed under the same terms for 3 more years in a total value of 300,000 euros (4 x 75,000).

ECU-Chess Evolution

Chess Evolution will provide to ECU, wireless-e-boards, digital clocks, plastic chess sets and books.  The materials will be used by ECU for its needs, as prizes to the winners of the ECU Championships, CIS Programs and as assistance to membership projects.

Brief information about Chess Evolution

Chess Evolution is an international company, based in Hungary, that specializes in producing elite chess products as digital boards & pieces, digital clocks, chess sets and publishing chess books.

Additionally, Chess Evolution is providing a wide range of quality services, as chess training, printing and developing of webpages and e-applications.  Chess Evolution consists of many Chess Grandmasters, who know the need of a chess player. From “chess player to chess player” to ensure the best quality and practical use of the products! For more information:

Chess Evolution Kft

Nyar Utca 16 2040 Budaors, Hungary


Sponsorship announcement