By the decision of the FIDE Presidential Board, which took place in Bucharest Romania on 9th, and 10th of July 2018, 30,000 euros from the Batumi Chess Olympiad Travel subsidy will be transferred to the European Chess Union to assist federations, which were not included in the FIDE list of travel subsidies (excluding delegates for the FIDE Congress).

ECU invites those federations, which are not included in the FIDE list to express their interest to the European Chess Union by a letter till Monday 30th of July 2018, 16.00 CET. In the letter shall be explained the importance of the travel subsidy for the applicant federation in order to meet the minimum budget requirements for the Chess Olympiad teams.

The ECU travel subsidy will amount from 3000 to 3900 euros for each federation application approved by the ECU Board.

If the number of requests exceed the amount of 30,000 euros, ECU will select the applications from the federations with the lowest budget for the Batumi Chess Olympiad. For that purpose may be asked additional information from the federations’ applicants. In any case  applications from federations with a high budget for the Batumi Chess Olympiad may not be approved.