Matthias Bluebaum wins European Individual Chess Championship 2022

The European Individual Chess Championship 2022 concluded yesterday in Terme Catez, Slovenia.

After 11 played rounds with more than 300 participants, German Grandmaster Matthias Bluebaum (GER, 2642) won the Championship scoring 8 points. Bluebaum maintained the leadership from the 5th round and in the end tied for the first place with Sargissian Gabrial (ARM, 2681) who had the same score.

Additional criteria decided that Bluebaum takes gold and Sargissian won silver medal.

Six players were in a tie for the third place scoring 8 points, each: Saric Ivan (CRO, 2687), Cheparinov Ivan (ECU, 2672), Santos Latasa Jaime (ESP, 2648), Yilmaz Mustafa (TUR, 2644), Ponomariov Ruslan (UKR, 2636) and Durarbayli Vasif (AZE, 2628). Additional criteria decided that Ivan Saric wins bronze.

Results and standings can be found here.

The Closing Ceremony of the Championship took place yesterday evening after the end of the last round.

ECU President Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili officially declared the event closed and took part in awarding ceremony of the winners. Deputy mayor of the Municipality of Brezice Mr. Bogdan Palovsnik awarded the Winners of the special prizes.

The best Women players:

  1. Beydullayeva Govhar (AZE, 2308), 7 points
  2. Salimova Nurgyul (ECU, 2399), 7 points
  3. Buksa Nataliya (UKR, 2401), 6 points

The best Senior players:

  1. Kozul Zdenko (CRO, 2619), 7.5 points
  2. Stefansson Hannes (ISL, 2520), 6.5 points
  3. Zelcic Robert (CRO, 2513), 6.5 points

The best Juniors U18:

  1. Petkov Momchil (ECU, 2465), 7 points
  2. Samadov Read (AZE, 2375), 7 points
  3. Suleymanli Aydin (AZE, 2525), 7 points

The best ACP players (Association of Chess professionals):

  1. Bartel Mateusz (POL, 2616), 7.5 points
  2. Baklan Vladimir (UKR, 2591), 7.5 points
  3. Navara David (CZE, 1700), 6.5 points

The European Individual Chess Championship 2022 is qualification event for the next FIDE World Cup. According to decision of the ECU Board and FIDE regulations, the best ranked 20 players qualify. As two players: Bluebaum Matthias and Yilmaz Mustafa qualified for the FIDE World Cup 2023 at European Individual Chess Championship 2021 in Reykjavik, practically best 22 players are qualifiers from this tournament.

Rk. NameTypsexGrFEDRtgPts. 
1GMBluebaum Matthias    GER26428.5
2GMSargissian Gabriel    ARM26818.5
3GMSaric Ivan    CRO26878
4GMCheparinov Ivan    ECU26728
5GMSantos Latasa Jaime    ESP26488
6GMYilmaz Mustafa    TUR26248
7GMPonomariov Ruslan    UKR26368
8GMDurarbayli Vasif    AZE26288
9IMGadimbayli Abdulla    AZE24517.5
10GMIskandarov Misratdin    AZE25777.5
11GMGuseinov Gadir    AZE26617.5
12GMTer-Sahakyan Samvel    ARM26327.5
13GMSargsyan Shant    ARM26397.5
14GMKobo Ori    ISR25107.5
15GMMoussard Jules    FRA26307.5
16GMTari Aryan    NOR26537.5
17GMAnton Guijarro David    ESP26947.5
18GMKuzubov Yuriy    UKR26397.5
19GMKozul Zdenko S50  CRO26197.5
20GMNesterov Arseniy    FID25227.5
21GMIndjic Aleksandar    SRB26057.5
22GMMartirosyan Haik M.    ARM26337.5

Besides the regular prizes and special prizes, 26 players achieved FIDE titles norms. At the end of the tournament, Tournament Director Nina Rob delivered the ECU flag to Stephane Escarfe and the French Chess Federation for the organisation of the upcoming Mitropa Cup 2022.

Photos by: Luka Rifelj