International Arbiter Workshop in Baku, Azerbaijan

The second workshop within the framework of the FIDE Pilot Project for Training and Certification of the International Arbiters for the 2020 Chess Olympiad was organized in Baku, Azerbaijan by the FIDE Arbiters’ Commission and the Chess Federation of Azerbaijan. The objective was to train and to certify a cadre of IAs who are on top of all the recent changes in the Laws of Chess and the FIDE Competition Rules, plus are able to communicate in English efficiently and to be integrated into multinational arbiter teams at the top-level FIDE events.


This International Arbiter Workshop took place on June 21-24 under the patronage of FIDE Vice-President Mahir Mammedov. Mr. Mammedov opened the workshop and personally welcomed participants from four federations.


Twenty-five arbiters from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine took part in the event. The Chief Lecturer was IA/FL Faig Gasanov (AZE); the Guest Lecturer was IA/IO Vadim Tsypin (CAN).The language of the instruction was Russian. The examination test featured some questions in Russian and the others in English.

The examination results are attached here.