European Online Parliamentary Friendship Chess Tournament with participation of 32 MPs from 15 countries concluded yesterday after 7 rounds of play.

The Winner of the event became GM Victor Bologan (Republic of Moldova) scoring 6 points to emerge on the top.

GM Van Wely Loek (the Netherlands) scored 5.5 points to win silver e-medal, while two players tied for the third place: Manukian Artak (Armenia) and Shtepa Sergey (Ukraine), with 5 points each. According to tiebreak criteria, Manukian Artak took the third place, and Shtepa Sergey came fourth.

The event was played individually, but the scores of the top three players from one Parliamentary team were cumulative for the Team rankings. The team winner of the European Parliamentary Friendship Chess Tournament became Armenia (scoring 13.5 points) with the following team members:

ARMENIA13.5 points
1Manukian, Artak5,028,028,535
2Hayrapetyan, Mkhitar4,525,028,034
3Davtyan, Artur4,022,023,043

Second place came to European Parliament Team with 12 points:

1Garcia Del Blanco, Iban4,524,026,544
2WFM Movileanu, Daniela*4,523,525,544
3Brglez, Milan3,027,030,533

And the team Ukraine was third with 11 points:

1Shtepa, Sergey5,027,530,534
2Lubinets, Dmytro3,019,520,043
3Pasichnyi, Oleksandr3,018,519,043

Three unrated players (no any FIDE rating) tied for the first place in a special category for the best ranked unrated participants, each with 4.5 points. Tiebreak criteria decided that the first place in this special category goes to Hayrapetyan Mkhitar (Armenia) with score of 4.5 points. Second place came to Garcia Del Blanco Iban (Spain) and Mamoulakis Haralabos (Greece) took third place.

Results can be found here.

The Opening ceremony of the event took place shortly before the start of the 1st round, where ECU President Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili, ECU Vice-President Mrs.Dana Reizniece-Ozola, ECU Secretary General Mr. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou and FIDE Executive Director Victor Bologan (participant of the event!) addressed all the participants.

Some of the participants of the event competed in the tournament from the Parliament venues!

All the games were LIVE broadcasted together with live commentaries by WGM Keti Tsatsalashvili.