Germany wins double gold at the Mitropa Cup 2024

The 2024 Mitropa Cup took place from 15-23 February in Apolda, Germany, with the participation of 10 federations: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Germany emerged as the Winner of both Open and Women’s sections, winning a historical double gold.

Scoring perfect 18 match points, German team convincingly won the Open event with a round to spare. The Winning team competed in the following composition:

  1. GM Bluebaum Matthias (GER, 2658)
  2. GM Svane Rasmus (GER, 2632)
  3. GM Donchenko Alexander (GER, 2636)
  4. GM Kollars Dmitrij (GER, 2619)
  5. GM Svane Frederik (GER, 2618)

Switzerland clinched silver with the score of 14 match points.

Czech Republic won bronze with 12 match points.

German Women’s Team scored 16 match points to emerge as the sole Winner of the Women’s section. With only two draws in the tournament, Germany left runner-ups trailing by two match points. The composition of the Winning team was:

  1. WGM Heinemann Josefine (GER, 2328)
  2. WGM Schneider Jana (GER, 2320)
  3. WGM Hanna Marie Klek (GER, 2279)
  4. FM Schulze Lara (GER, 2308)
  5. WIM Dolzhykova Kateryna (GER, 2255)

France clinched silver medal scoring 14 match points.

And Switzerland came third with the score of 12 match points.

Final rankings of both sections can be found here.

Detailed information about the event can be found on the Official website.

Photos by Klaus Jager