FIDE World Youth U16 Olympiad concluded in Eindhoven, Netherlands

The FIDE World Youth U16 Chess Olympiad concluded today in Eindhoven, Netherlands with China emerging as the sole Winner of the event.

China scored 8 victories and one draw – 17 match points in total to clinch the gold medal. The team showed dominance against all the opponents except from Armenia which managed to tie the match to 2-2 score.  Out of the 36 games played, China scored a total of 31 board points. 

The defending champions, Turkey, won silver medal with the score of 15 match points.

Greece and Kazakhstan 1 tied for bronze scoring 13 match point each, but thanks to better tiebreak criteria (Olympiad-Sonneborn-Berger), Greece claimed bronze and Kazakhstan came fourth.

Board Prizes:
Board 1: Read Samadov (Azerbaijan)
Board 2: Tong(Qd) Xiao (China)
Board 3:  Xiangrui Kong (China)
Board 4: Miaoyi Lu (China)

The FIDE Youth U16 Chess Olympiad 2023 took place from 13-18 August in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The event gathered 252 players representing 63 teams from 47 federations.

This year, the Royal Dutch Chess Federation marks its 150th anniversary as the oldest chess federation in the world. The President of the Federation and WGM, Bianca de Jong-Muhren, expressed her enthusiasm during the opening ceremony, stating, “We managed to bring an international youth championship to the Netherlands, with a new international women’s top tournament as a bonus.

Official website of the event

Photos by: FIDE/ Frans Peeters and Lennart Ootes