FIDE World Chess Championship Match – Ian Nepomniachtchi vs Ding Liren starts in Astana

The 2023 FIDE World Chess Championship match will take place from 7th of April to 1st May in Astana, Kazakhstan. The match will be played in 14 games between Ian Nepomniachtchi – the Winner of the FIDE Candidates Tournament 2022 and Ding Liren – the runner-up of the FIDE Candidates Tournament 2022 since Magnus Carlsen decided not to defend his title.

Photo from FIDE Candidates Tournament 2022; Photo by FIDE/ Stev Bonhage

The prize fund of the match is 2 million euros, and the first player who reaches 7.5 points will win the World Chess Champion crown.

The Opening ceremony of the event will take place tomorrow evening at 19:30 (local time) and the first round starts on Sunday, 9th of April, at 15:00 (local time).

Tournament schedule:

Time control of the match is 120 minutes for 40 moves, plus 60 minutes for the next 20 moves, and 15 minutes till the end of the game. Starting from move 61, players will have 30-second increment for each move until the end of the game.

If the match finishes in the tied result after 14 games, a playoff will determine the winner. Playoffs will consist of four 25-minute games with a 10-second increment from move one. If the result is still tied, two blitz games will be played with time control of 5 minutes + 3 seconds. If the winner is not determined after blitz, a single 3+2 games will be played until one player wins.

Live broadcast of the games can be followed through the official website of the event with commentaries by Viswanathan Anand, Daniil Dubov and Irina Krush.

The match will be held at the elegant St. Regis Astana hotel, which officially opened its doors in September 2017. Located in the heart of Astana, onto the left bank of the Esil River and near its Central Park, St Regis was designed by British architects WATG and features an award-winning design by Wimberly Interiors. It combines modern with neo-classical elements, defining the modern-day interpretation of the St. Regis legacy that began in New York more than a century ago.

Official website of the event