European Youth Team Chess Championship 2024 – Official invitation

The European Chess Union (ECU) invites all National Chess Federations of ECU to participate in the European Youth Team Chess Championships 2024 which will take place from 20 June to 28 June in Rhodes, Greece. The event will be held in the Conference Hall of the 5-star Rodos Palace Hotel and is co-organized by Rhodes Chess Club “Ippotis”

The event will be played in two age categories U12 and U18, 4 tournaments open and girls sections separately. Each national federation member of the European Chess Union has the right to enter up to four (4) teams of four (4) players and one (1) reserve in the open competitions and up to four (4) teams of two (2)female players and one (1) reserve in the girl competitions. The teams may represent the national federation, a region, a city, a club, or a school.

Championships will be played in 7 rounds, swiss system, with the time control of 90 min for the whole game + 30 sec increment for every move played starting from move 1. If there are eight teams or less in a competition, the competition will be played as a Round Robin tournament.

The official hotel of the event and the playing venue is *****Rodos Palace Hotel.

Titles & Prizes

The winning team will receive the title “European Youth Champion Team 2024” in its respective category.

The winning team of the combined age category of the competition (sum of the match points from both tournaments open & girls, then, if equal, sum of the game points) receives the title “Absolute European Youth Champion Team 2024” in its respective age category.

he first three teams in each competition will receive trophies and medals. ECU Certificates for all participants will be awarded.

Entry forms must be filled and sent to the Tournament office no later than the registration deadline, 22 April 2024. If the registration form is not completed by the federation itself, a copy must be sent to the national federation.

Contact information:

Tournament Director: IO Nikos Kalesis
Official Website: