The 27th European Youth Chess Championship, one of the most numerous Championship in the ECU calendar finished today in Mamaia, Romania.

After 9 days of great fights, 12 new European Youth Champions were crowned.

European Youth Chess Championship 2017

In Open U8 section Giang Tran Nam (HUN, 1561) and Royal Shreyas (ENG, 1700) tied for the first place with the same score of 8 points. Giang Tran Naum ended first, and silver went to Royal Shreyas according to the tie-break system. 6 players tied for the third place with 7 points, but thanks to the better tie-breaks bronze medal went to Vetokhin Savva (RUS, 1703). In Girls section for the same age category, Russian players took all the medals. Svergina Sofya (RUS, 1472) finished sole first without a lost game and 8.5 points. Zavivaeva Evelina (RUS, 1406) and Shukhman Anna (RUS, 1583) were tied for the second place, but according to the additional criteria, silver went to Zavivaeva Evelina and bronze to Shukhman Anna.


In category Open U10, Maurizzi Marc Andria (FRA, 1947) became the new European Youth Champion thanks to the better tie-breaks since he was tied for the first place with Samadov Read (AZE, 1848), each with 7.5 points. 5 players tied for the 3rd place but Strybuk Artsiom (BLR, 1790) took the bronze medal according to the additional criteria. In Girls U10 category, Shubenkova Veronika (RUS, 1526) triumphed with 7.5 points. Second and third places went respectively to Gasimova Samra (AZE, 1578) and Mikheeva Galina (RUS, 1596) each with 7 points.


In Open U12 section, Suleymanli Avdin (AZE, 2351) and Luczak Filip (POL, 1866) finished the Championship with the same score of 7.5 points, but Suleymanli Avdin took the gold medal, while Luczak Filip ended second. The third place went to Antonica Dragos-Andrei (ROU, 2188) with the best tie-breaks. In Girls section U12, Mironenko Galina (RUS, 2035) and Stepanyan Eva (RUS, 1927) had the same score of 7.5  points but Mironenko Galina ended first and Stepanyan Eva second. Allahverdiyeva Ayan (AZE, 2042) took the third place with 7 points thanks to the better tie-breaks.


Bjerre Jonas Buhl (DEN, 2348) triumphed in Open U14 section with 7.5  points. Yeritsyan Aram (RUS, 2264) ended second and Remizov Yaroslav (RUS 2146) third. They had the same score of 7 points, but thanks to the better tie-breaks got the medals. Beydullayeva Govhar (AZE, 2164) won the Championship in Girls U14 section with 8.5 points. Silver medal went to Srdanovic Jovana (SRB, 1994) and bronze to Krasteva Beloslava (ECU, 2048) according to the tie-break criteria since they had the same score and 7 points.


Esipenko Andrey (RUS 2540) and IM Erenberg Ariel (ISR, 2386) tied for the first place in Open U16 section, but Esipenko Andrey finished with gold in his hands while IM Erenberg Ariel took the second place. Third place went to Ileana George (ROU, 2219) with 7 points. In girls section for the same age category, WIM Badelka Olga (2335) finished the Championship sole first with 7.5 points. Schneider Jana (GER, 2231) ended second and Antova Gabriela (ECU, 2256) each with 7 points.


IM Thybo Jesper Sondergaard (DEN, 2446) took the victory in very strong competition in Open U18 category with 7 points. IM Plenca Jadranko (CRO, 2440) ended second with the same score, but lower tie-breaks and bronze went to Deac Bogdan- Daniel (ROU,2559) with 6.5 points and better tie-breaks. In section for Girls U18, the Champion became Asatryan Sona (ARM, 2043) with 7 points. 4 girls tied for silver and bronze, but according to the tie-breaks system, Dwilewicz Katarzyna (POL, 1884) ended second and Garcia Martin Marta (ESP, 2360) third.

Final Standings

The Championship took place in Expozitional Center, Mamaia/Romania from 5th-14th September with participation of 1142 players from 46 European federations.

The tournament was played according to the Swiss System in 9 rounds, with time control 90 minutes for the first 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move one.

The event was organized by Romanian Chess Federation, “Mind Games&Events” Sports Association under the auspices of European Chess Union.

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Photographs by: Sport In / Tudor Alexandru Panait