The 25th European Youth Chess Championship, the most numerous Championship in the ECU calendar finished yesterday in Porec/Croatia.

After 9 days of great fights, 12 new European Youth Champions were crowned.

In Open U18 IM Ali Marandi Cemil Can (TUR 2422) with 7 points. Silver and bronze went to IM Petrosyan Manuel (ARM 2443) and IM Stremavicius Titas (LTU 2466) respectively, with 6.5 points and best tie-breaks.

Open U18

WFM Khomeriki Nino (GEO 2296) triumphed with 8 points in Girls U18, followed by WFM Harazinska Ewa (POL 2055) with 7.5 points, and WIM Tijana Blagojevic (MNE 230) with 6.5 points.

Girls U18

The 24th seed German Sawlin Leonid (2258) took gold in Open U16 with 7.5 points, while the first seed IM Kelires Andreas (2432) from Cyprus had to be satisfied with silver with half a point behind. Bronze went to Tuncer Tuna (TUR 2243) with the best tie-break in the group with 6.5 points.

Open U16

WFM Kazarian Anna-Maja (NED 2259) won the Championship in Girls group U16 with 7.5 points, ahead of Drogovoz Irina (RUS 2253) and Antolak Julia (POL 1945) who took second and third place respectively with 6.5 points.

Girls U16

In Open U14 gold went to Lobanov Sergei (RUS 2394) with 7.5 points and better tie-breaks than his compatriot FM Esipenko Andrey (2384). Bronze went to FM Hakobyan Aram (ARM 2348) with 7 points.

Open U14

In group Girls U14 Russians were victorious in battle for all three medals. WFM Kochukova Anna (2049) won the title with 7.5 points, followed by Maltsevskaya Aleksandra (2107) and WFM Obolentseva Alexandra (2084) with 7 points.

Girls U14

Shubin Kirill (RUS 2176) triumphed in Open U12 with 7.5 points. Ognean Mihnea-Ionut (ROU 2164) scored the same amount of points, but hhe had worse tie-break than the Romanian. The bronze went to the Slovenian Subelj Jan (1964) with 7 points.

Open U12

In Girls U12 WFM Solozhenkina Elizaveta (RUS 2061) took the title with 7.5 points. WCM Beydullayeva Govhar (AZE 1828) came second, while Garifullina Leya (RUS 1776) came third, both with 7 points.

Girls U12

Last year’s Champion from U8 category, talented Russian Makoveev Ilya (1942) triumphed again, but in older category with amazing 8.5 points. Silver medal went to Antonica Dragos-Andrei (ROU 1800) and bronze to Stukan Martin (RUS 1804), both with 7 points.

Open U10

WCM Mironenko Galina (RUS 1792) became the winner in Girls U10 with 7.5 points, followed by Allahverdiyeva Ayan (AZE 1613) and Trifoi Mihaela-Ioana (ROU 1547), both with 7 points.

Girls U10

In Open U8 the title went to Navumenka Mikhei from Belarus, who scored 8 points. Silver medal went to Samadov Read (AZE 1409) with 7.5 points, while Lystsov Leonid (RUS 1633) took bronze with 7 points.

Open U8

In the youngest Girls category Veremyuk Veronika from Ukraine became the European Champion and the only player who managed to score 9 out of 9! Markus Molli Amina (HUN 1330) came second with 7.5 points, and Gadasi Noam (ISR) came third with 7 points.

Girls U8

Full Standings on Chess-Results

In total medal count, Russia is the absolute winner with 13 medals (6 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze). Turkey got 1 gold and 1 bronze medal, Azerbaijan got 3 silver medals, Romania 2 silver and 1 bronze, while Poland and Armenia have 1 silver and 1 bronze each.


The Championship was organized by the Croatian Chess Federation, under the auspices of the European Chess Union.

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