European Women’s Chess Gala – 26 & 27 February

A special multi-event dedicated to the Women’s Chess takes place the weekend 26-27 February in Monaco. The program is supported by European Chess Union and FIDE Development fund and includes:

A. Saturday 26th February : 10:00 -13:00-  Atrium of the Casino de Monte-Carlo.

Simultaneous Prince Albert Ier

GM Pia Cramling  : 16 players 

IM Almira Skripchenko : 16 players 

Follows the Awards Ceremony with a Special Award to GM Pia Cramling

B. Saturday 27th February : 18.00 -20:00

Monte Carlo Chess Club or Salon Trianon Hotel Hermitage

Special Live Steam Debate /Show for the promotion of Women’s Chess

Among the distinguished guests in Monaco are:

  • GM Zurab Azmaiparashvili – President of European Chess Union
  • WGM Dana Reizniece Ozola – ECU Vice President – FIDE CEO
  • WGM Eva Repkova – ECU Vice President. – Chairperson of FIDE Commission for Women’s Chess
  • Sonja Johnson – Chairperson of FIDE Planning and Development Commission.
  • GM Pia Cramling 
  • GM Bellon Lopez, Juan Manuel
  • GM Elizabeth Paehtz
  • GM Giannis Papaioannou
  • GMs Monica and Bartosz Socko
  • IM Almira Skripchenko
  • WGM Tatiana Dornbusch, Champion of Monaco

C. Sunday 27th February : 11 :00. -14 :00-  Salon Trianon Hotel Hermitage

Youth Blitz Tournement – Special prizes for Girls participants 

D. Sunday 27th February : 16 :00 to 19:00 –  Salon Trianon Hotel Hermitage

Rapid Team Tournament with participation of special guests and VIPs.

Teams, ECU, FIDE, Monaco Women Team, Sponsors Team.