European Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships 2019 concluded yesterday in Tallinn, Estonia and the Champions became Sargissian Gabriel (ARM, 2715) and Lysyj Igor (RUS, 2600) in Rapid and Blitz competitions, respectively.

European Individual Rapid Chess Championship 2019 was played on 5th and 6th December with participation of 451 players coming from 32 European federations.

After 13 played rounds, three players tied for the top, each with 10.5 points, and the tiebreaks criteria decided the Winner. According to tiebreaks, Sargissian Gabriel (ARM, 2715) took gold, Mamedov Rauf (AZE, 2679) came second and Riazantsev Alexander (RUS, 2594) won bronze medal.

Final rankings- Rapid

European Blitz Chess Championship 2019 was played yesterday, in 11 double rounds, with participation of 426 players. Lysyj Igor (RUS, 2600), Andriasian Zaven (ARM, 2766) and Esipenko Andrey (RUS, 2582) were in a tie for the first place, each scoring 17 points. According to additional criteria, Lysyj Igor (RUS, 2600) became the Winner of the event, Andriasian Zaven (ARM, 2766) took silver and Esipenko Andrey (RUS, 2582) ended on the third place.

Final rankings- Blitz

The Awarding ceremonies of the events took place by the end of each Championship, with the attendance of ECU Vice President, Mrs. Dana Reizniece-Ozola, and the President of Estonian Chess Federation, Mr. Ken Koort.

The total prize fund of the event was 30.100 EUR, with 20.000 EUR for the Rapid Championship and 10.100 EUR for the Blitz. The games were live transmitted, and the broadcast was available through the official website of the event.

Photos by: Alon Shulman

Official Website of the event