European Chess Union Academy

The European Chess Union and ECU Trainers Commission, with the support of FIDE development fund announce the annual European Chess Union training program from 20 November 2023 to 21 May 2024 with some of the best European and world’s chess trainers.

The program will be organized in two groups:

  • Group A – For players rated 1900+ – Monday 18:00-20:05 CET
  • Group B – For players rated U1900 – Tuesday 18:00-20:05 CET

The program will start on Monday, 20th of November 2023, and each group will have 24 live sessions until May 2024, with a total of 48 hours of instruction. The program is based on the new ECU-ETC Trainers’ Syllabuses and aims to systematically develop chess talents.

The lecturers are:

  • GM Ivan Sokolov (Theme: Middlegame strategy)
  • GM Adrian Mikhalchishin (Theme: Pawn structures)
  • GM Stefanova Antoaneta (Theme: Playing on the top)
  • GM Miguel Illescas (Theme: Tactical World)
  • GM Efstratios Grivas (Theme: Endgame Magic)
  • WGM Jana Krivec (Theme: Chess psychology)
  • GM Alexander Beliavsky (Theme: Opening preparation)
  • GM Ramachandran Ramesh (Theme: Creating Champions)
  • IM Robert Ris (Theme: Tactical themes)
  • GM Arshak Petrosian (Theme: Classical development)
  • IM Jovan Petronic (Theme: Strategy analysis)

Each European National Chess Federations is entitled to register free of charge 2 players, U20 Juniors or Girls one on each Group through the following link: The program is open for a limited number of additional participants, from all continents, for each group. The cost is only Euros 200 for 48 hours of top-level training. Registrations of additional participants are made through the following link:

Each participant will receive an ECU-ETC official Certificate for the respective group upon
completion of the programme – a plus point for a future chess career. For any question please contact: