EU Youth Chess Championship 2018 is underway. The level of the event is very good – in category U8 is leading Stefan-Vlad Paunescu (ROU, 4 points), in U10 David Cr. Radu (ROU, 4 points), in U12 Maciej Jeda (POL), in U14 Valentin Mitev (FID) and Vladimir Bochnicka (SVK) both with 3,5 points.

Since beautiful and combative games are seen, the organizers award best games in each category with prize every day. After the first four rounds Stefan-Vlad Paunescu (ROU), Dominic James Earle (SVK), Tatana Nespora (CZE), Valentin Mitev (FID), Fabiyana Kostadinova (FID), David-Alexandru Botea (ROU), Lukas Zumrik (SVK), Emils Janis Mierins LAT), Naomi Maklakova (LAT), David Cr. Radu (ROU), Hubert Backiel (POL), Ondrej Vadila (SVK), Tereza Horkova(CZE), Ivelina Hristova (FID), Almos Konyves (HUN) and Friedrich Grunert (GER) have been awarded.


Additional programme started with simultaneous game against IM Petr Pisk. 20 participants of our championship had 60 minutes against the same time on the clocks of IM Pisk. After a big fight the score was 12-8 for IM Pisk. Dominik Svadlenka, Michal Svadlenka, Vaclav Finek, Marek Mica (all CZE), Emils Janis Mierins, Nellija Maklakova (both LAT) beated IM Pisk and draw was made by Mikelis Vingris, Kristaps Zass (both LAT), Teodor-Cosmin Nedelcu (ROU) and Radovan Priechodsky (SVK).

Among others leisure time activities, participants of this tournament mostly visit and use swimming pool, bowling, table tennis and enjoying the beauty of the nature in surroundings.

All games are transmitted on-line, so the parents and trainers either at home or present in the hotel can watch their charges. For present viewers the on-line games are projected in the hotel hall.

All information about the event, including results, online games, photos, etc. can be found at


IO Zdenek Fiala

Director of the championship

Chessclub Svetla nad Sazavou