England wins triple gold at the European Senior Team Chess Championship 2024

The European Senior Team Chess Championship 2024 concluded yesterday in Terme Catez, Slovenia, with England’s teams winning three golds in two age categories: 50+ and 65+.

Heading into the last round in the 50+ section, three teams had the same score of match points to tie for the top: England 1, Hungary and Italy. The co-leaders won their last-round matches to maintain the leading position, and the tiebreak criteria determined the Winner and the medalists.

England 1 defeated England 2 team in the last round, and had the best tiebreaks (Olympiad Sonneborn Berger) to clinch the title.

Hungary took a narrow 2.5-1.5 victory against Slovakia 1, and finished second according to the tiebreak criteria.

Italy was victorious against Netherlands LSG and claimed bronze medal according to the tiebreaks.

Scoring impressive 17 match points in the 65+ section, England 1 emerged as the sole Winner of the event. England 1 needed only a draw in the last round to secure gold, but they won against Croatia Agroproteinka for the convincing result.

Slovakia 1 defeated Finland to finish the event with the score of 15 match points, and claimed silver medal.

Slovenia 1 was convincing against Hungary 1 in the last round, winning the match with 3.5-0.5 score, and secured bronze medal scoring 14 match points.

England’s Women’s team clinched the European Women’s Senior Team Chess Champion title in the 50+ section, and Germany won the European Women’s Senior Team Chess Champion title in the 65+ section.

The best players per boards were determined according to the performance, and received medals in both sections.

Board 1 (50+ section): 1.GM Johann Hjartarson (Iceland); 2.IM Csaba Csiszar (Hungary); 3. GM Alberto David (Italy)
Board 2 (50+ section): 1.GM Zoltan Varga (Hungary); 2.IM Mark Van Der Werf (Netherlands); 3.GM Glenn Flear (England)
Board 3 (50+ section): 1.GM Keith Arkell (England); 2.FM Andrei Clauiu Zetocha (Slovakia 1); 3.GM Throstur Thorhallsson (Iceland)
Board 4 (50+ section): 1.IM Fabrizio Bellia (Italy); 2.GM Nigel Davies (England 1); 3.IM Laszlo Krizsany (Hungary)
Board 5/Reserve players (50+ section): 1.GM Stuart Conquest (England 1); 2.IM Gyula Izsak (Hungary); 3.Marko Sajovic (Slovenia).

Board 1 (65+ section): 1.GM Alexander Beliavsky (Slovenia); 2.GM John Nunn (England 1); 3.GM Ftacnik Lubomir (Slovakia)
Board 2 (65+ section): 1.IM Louis Roos (France); 2.Branko Vujakovic (Croatia); 3.GM Jan Plachetka (Slovakia 1)
Board 3 (65+ section): 1.IM Vojko Mencinger (Slovenia 1); 2.IM Peter Large (England 1); 3.FM Stephan Buchal (Germany)
Board 4 (65+ section): 1.IM Chris Baker (England 1); 2.FM Milan Brigljevic (Croatia); 3.IM Leon Mazi (Slovenia 1)
Board 5/ Reserve player (65+ section): 1.IM Nicolas Giffard (France); 2.IM Nigel Povah (England 1); 3.Damir Mravunac (Croatia).

All rankings and results can be found here.

The Closing ceremony of the event took place yesterday evening in the playing venue, with the attendance of the ECU President Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili, and the ECU Vice Presidents Mr. Alojzije Jankovic and Mr. Jean Michel Rapaire who also joined the Awarding ceremony. The Secretary General of the Slovenian Chess Federation and the Tournament Director Nina Rob addressed the players at the Closing ceremony.

The ECU President also addressed the players, congratulated the Winners, and officially declared the event closed.

Official website of the event

Photos by Luka Rifelj

The event was organised by the Slovenian Chess Federation, under the auspices of the European Chess Union.