European Chess Union organises the Webinar with theme Women’s Chess in Europe. The Webinar will take place on Friday, 24th April 2020, and will be free of charge.

The Webinar will be led by Mrs. Eva Repkova, ECU Vice-President and FIDE Women’s Commission Chairmen, and Alice O’Gorman, member of ECU Women’s Commission.

The webinar will include discussion on the results of the survey conducted by the ECU Women’s Commission into the situation regarding women and girls in Europe. 

Results of the survey are available here.

The event is open to anyone, male or female who is involved in the development of female chess.

The webinar is open on priority to representatives of National Chess Federations, Members of ECU and FIDE Women’s Commission, as also FIDE Planning and Development Commission and then any other interest attendant.

Registration for the Webinar is available on the following link.