To: European National Chess Federations

Re: Invitation to the ECU General Assembly 2024

Dear Ladies and Sirs,

I have the pleasure to invite you to the ECU General Assembly 2024 to be held in Budapest, Hungary on Thursday 19th September 2024. 

The official venue of the ECU GA will be the venue of FIDE Congress.

The Assembly starts at 10.00 am. 

All the information about airports and hotels for the FIDE Congress will be published by FIDE.

Requests for bookings and transportation shall be forward to O.C. of the Budapest Chess Olympiad.

Proposals from Members to be included in the agenda for the General Assembly shall reach ECU Secretariat not later than three months, deadline Thursday 20th June 2024, before the start of the General Assembly.

Contact Information:



Zurab Azmaiparashvili,

ECU President