European Chess Union organised a FIDE International Organizers Webinar, ifrom 27th to 30th of July, in cooperation with FIDE Events Commission, FIDE Women’s Commission, co-funded by FIDE Development Fund.

With 31 participants, among whom were 16 females this Webinar was one of the largest IO Seminar organised in the last years. The official results will be published by the FIDE Events Commission.

The lecturers of the Webinar were International Organisers: Mr. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou and Mr.Ozgur Solakoglou with the assistance of Chairperson of FIDE Women’s Commission Eva Repkova .

The Topics of the Webinar were:

  • Regulations FIDE Events  (General Regulations, Specific Regulations, Bid Procedure)
  • Events’ Management  
  • Ratings and Titles – Tournament Conditions
  • Titles applications and Tournament experience 

The special additional theme of the webinar “Organisation of the Online chess events” was streamed LIVE through the ECU Facebook page and can be seen through the ECU Youtube Channel.

The presentation “How to organise Online Chess events” can be downloaded here.