Circular Letter No.2/2022

Dear Chess Friends,

The following valid nominations have been received within the deadline of the 6th May 2022, for the ECU Board elections 2022.


ATicket of  Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili:

  • President: Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili (GEO)
  • Deputy President: Mrs. Dana Reizniece-Ozola (LAT)
  • Vice President: Mr. Malcolm Pein. (ENG)
  • Vice President: Mr. Gunnar Bjornsson (ISL)
  • Secretary General: Mr. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou (GRE)
  • Treasurer: Mr. Ion-Serban Dobronauteanu (ROM)

B Nominations for the 3 Vice Presidents to be elected individually:

  • Mr. Sarkhan Gashimov (AZE)
  • Mr. Geert Bailleul (BEL)
  • Mr. Alojzije Jankovic (CRO)
  • Mr. Javier Ochoa (ESP)
  • Mr. Jean Michel Rapaire (MNC)
  • Mr. Adrian Mikhalchishin (SLO)
  • Ms. Eva Repkova (SVK)

All the candidates were nominated by their National Chess Federations, but Mr. Adrian Mikhalchishin nominated by three (3) National Chess Federations of Armenia, Iceland, and Ukraine.  All candidates are eligible to be elected for the European Chess Union Board.   

After the request of the Asian Chess Federation, FIDE Council decided on 28th of April 2022 to allow Continental Assemblies to be held before or after the Chess Olympiad in Chennai. ECU examines the possibility the ECU General Assembly to be held in Europe prior to the Chess Olympiad and FIDE elections (within the period 20-23 July). The main and exceptional reasons are:

A. The high costs for ECU for the organization of the General Assembly in Chennai, India, exceed the budget item. 
B. The representation of the European Chess Federations at the highest level (Presidents or permanent Delegates) when the General Assembly is held in Europe.
C. The access of bidders to the General Assembly (presentation of their bids) taking into account the extremely high cost of travel to India. 
D. The Asian Chess Federation has already decided not to hold its General Assembly during the Chess Olympiad, which will be organized in Chennai,India.

The ECU Board, taking into account all aspects and after consultation with all interested parties, will inform in the coming days about the final venue and date of the General Assembly ECU in case something changes.

.2. European Chess Championship 2024

By the deadline of the 29th of April 2022, the following bids has been received:   

2.1 European Senior Teams Chess Championship 2024

  • Lignano, Sabbiadoro, Italy
  • Brezice, Terme, Catez, Slovenia

2.2. European Senior Individual Chess Championship 2024

  • Porec, Croatia,
  • Lignano, Sabbiadoro, Italy

2.3 European Amateur Chess Championship 2024

  • Zagreb, Croatia

2.4 European Youth Team Chess Championship 2024

  • Thessaloniki, Greece

2.5 European Women’s 2024 & Youth Chess Championships 2026 (combined bid)

  • Rhodes, Greece

2.6 European School Chess Championship 2024

  • Porec, Croatia,
  • Limerick, Ireland,
  • Bellaria, Rimini, Italy,
  • Mamaia, Romania,
  • Brezice, Terme, Catez, Slovenia

2.7   The European Youth Chess Championship 2024 has already been awarded to Prague, Czech Republic

2.8.  The European Corporate Chess Championship 2024 has already been awarded to Paris, France.

2.9   The European Youth & Rapid Chess Championship 2024 has already been awarded to Pardubice, Czech, Republic.  

.3. European Chess Championships 2023 & 2024 open for bids

3.1 – European Individual Chess Championship 2023 combined with European Club Cup 2024

3.2. – European Individual Chess Championship 2024 combined with European Team Chess Championship 2025.

3.3.  European Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship 2023 and 2024


With kind Regards,

Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou
ECU Secretary General