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ECU is pleased to announce the new web-based project Chesswhere.com.  Chesswhere.com is an online platform & Google maps application which presents the main Chess locations in Europe, and later in all world, (federations, museums, historical places, clubs, pubs & cafes). Through Chesswhere.com the user has the opportunity to find a location, use a GPS system to visit it and receive important information.

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The same time the application presents the European Chess Heritage, connecting chess places in Europe, Chess legends & Chess Olympiad venues.  Additionally, all the chess entities located in the map will have the possibility, after registering,  to create with its own control panel a mini-website giving more information to the public.

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The development of the project started in December 2018 and the first presentation was made during the ECU General Assembly in March 2019, in Skopje, North Macedonia. The project is still in the development phase and more locations, features are scheduled to be added as also technical improvements to be made.




Chess clubs or other entities which are not placed yet in the map may send the following information to the ECU Secretariat: ecu.secretariat@gmail.com


– Chess Club Name

– Chess Club Full location

– Chess Club Coordinates – not mandatory

( Find it using Google maps) and send us x and y coordinates of their location).

– Chess Club Country

– Chess Club City.

– Chess Club Logo.

– Chess Club Website Link.


The users have the opportunity through the search menu either to filter the locations by theme on the map or to go to search results and receive more infomation.