10° Rencontres Internationales des Echecs Francophones (RIDEF)

It’s official: the 10th edition of the Francophone Chess Championships will take place this summer, from August 12th to 20th in Quebec City.

This event is the flagship annual event of the International Association of Francophone Chess (AIDEF), which, as an affiliated organization, officially represents the Francophonie within the International Chess Federation (FIDE).

The Francophone Championship, comprising classical and blitz games, will take place at the Maurice Pollack Pavilion of Laval University, the venue which can accommodate up to 900 players. The rapid chess championship will be held at the legendary Château Frontenac, a historic luxury hotel located in the Old Quebec district.

Château Frontenac will host Francophone Rapid Championship

The players are only allowed to participate in the Francophone Championships if they have a FIDE identifier corresponding to a country that is a member of AIDEF, currently consisting of 47 nations united by the same passion for a sport and a language: https://aidef.fr/spip.php?article27

Since July 1st, 2017, the Francophone Championships have obtained the same status as the Commonwealth or Arab League championships. This implies that titles and norms can be directly awarded to the winners. The total prize fund of the Championship exceeds 20.000 CAD.

Detailed information about the event and registrations links can be found on the official website.

Text by: Patrick Van Hoolandt

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