The Closing Ceremony of the 1st European Corporate Chess Championship took place on Saturday 25th November evening, where the President of the European Chess Union, Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili awarded the Winners with main prizes, trophies while five special prizes were awarded by the President of the French Chess Federation (FFE), Mr. Bachar Kouatly. The mayor of the city of Asnieres, Mr. Manuel Aechlimann addressed all the players and geusts, and Mr. Franck Droin, the President of KAISSA, declared the Championship closed. During the Closing Ceremony Mr. Azmaiparashvili announced that he accepts the proposal from Mr. Kouatly and the 2nd European Corporate Championship in 2018 will take place again in Paris the city where the event can develop further.


33 teams participated the event among whom were well known world brands and institutions and they were represented by the top world chess player, GMs, IMs etc. The 1st European Corporate Chess Champion became the team of RZD from Russia (Russian Railways) which scored 26 match points in nine rounds (3 for a win) stayed undefeated to be crowned as the Winner.


The runner-up of the Championship was the team of Sberbank, from Russia, who finished the Championship as second with 25 match points.


Third place went to A’lAbri from France thanks to the better tie-breaks than fourth Echesspedia from Belgium since both teams had the same score of 21 match points.

Final Standings


This innovative European event, 1st European Corporate Chess Championship, which brought closer the Business community with Chess and with European Chess Union, took place in beautiful reception hall of the Town Hall of Asnières, in Paris, France, from 24th-25th November.

The Championship was played in 9 rounds according to the Swiss system with time control 15 minutes per game + 3 seconds increment per move, starting from move one.

The total prize fund of the event was 6.000 EUR.

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