Results of the Neurohm, Kanarkiewicz and Play Magnus Group study

On July 10th – August
10th 2022, NEUROHM, Michal Kanarkiewicz and PLAY MAGNUS GROUP conducted a chess
survey, aimed at promoting the royal game and expanding knowledge about the
group of people who play chess, both professionally and on amateur level.

The respondents were
in different age groups, with different ELO Rating, from different countries
and with different frequency of playing chess. The survey was not only a form
of entertainment, since the participants could check their score at the end of
the survey, but above all it showed us what groups we can divide players into
and how we can adapt appropriate chess communication to them.

The test was conducted
with a smart test based on the iCode algorithm. iCode™ is a unique research
technology created by NEUROHM, a smart tech company. It analyses the speed
& rhythm of clicks when answering an online-survey. iCode™ algorithms
register how much people hesitate when they state their opinion. The more confident they are the more relevant something
is for them or more likely it is they will do what they have promised.

iCode™ is based on
neuroscience research called mental chronometry showing that strong connections
between neurons lead to fast memory retrieval, while weak connections result in
slow retrieval. Specifically it employs attitude accessibility phenomenon.
iCode™ technology is a device agnostic digital solution, powered by machine
learning calibration and neuro-AI engine.

iCode distinguishes three levels of response:
> SAY – cognitive conviction or SUPERFICIAL OPINION – percentage of diagnostic responses
> FEEL – emotional conviction or STRONG OPINION – standardized Confidence Index
> ACT– behavioral conviction or READINESS TO PROMOTE – percentage of highly confident diagnostic responses

Take a look at the report, where you will find some interesting results from the survey!

Results of the Neurohm, Kanarkiewicz and Play Magnus Group study

Text by: Michał Kanarkiewicz