N.8. Miscellaneous

N.8. Miscellaneous

N.8.1       The pairings are to be made by the Chief Arbiter. Alternatively pairings can be made by a Pairings Officer or Pairings Committee. The Pairings Committee should consist of up to three members, each from a different ECU federation.

N.8.2       In the cases in which there is a Pairings Officer or Pairings Committee, the Tournament Director or his officially designated appointee shall provide the Pairings Officer or the Chairman of the Pairings Committee with a signed summary of results as they are available. This should ensure that accurate results of the previous round’s play are used in making the pairings for the subsequent round.

N.8.3       Pairings shall be made by computer if a computer is available and if the computer program has been tested and approved by the Chairman of the Pairings Committee. Computer terminals should be in a room near the playing hall and fully dedicated to the use of the Pairings Commit­tee as and when required. If a computer is used for preparing the daily bulletins of the game scores, a separate terminal in a separate room should be provided for those preparing the bulletin.

The computer pairings do not have to be 100% in agreement with handmade pairings to be acceptable although if there is no difference between the outcome of the pairings made by the computer and those made (by hand) by the Pairings Committee the final decision lies with the Chairman of the Pairings Committee.

N.8.4       Pairings by team including allocation of colours shall be posted as soon as possible after the Pairings Officer or Committee has finished of making the pairings.

N.8.4.1    The match order in the pairing list will be made according to the actual ranking.

N.8.5       Pairings by players shall be posted not later than two hours before the start of the round in the tournament hall.

N.8.6       No protest against the pairing shall be allowed.