N.5. General Pairing Regulations

N.5. General Pairing Regulations

N.5.1       Assign a pairing number to each team as per Section 3.

N.5.2       The difference of the scores of two teams paired against each other should be 0 or, if this is not possible, as small as possible.

N.5.3       No team shall play the same opponent more than once.

N.5.4       A team having scored without playing will not receive a bye. This is the case when a team has received a bye due to an odd number of teams or when one of the opponent teams did not appear on time

N.5.5       Pairings shall be made from the top group down to, but not including, the middle group; then from the bottom group up to, but not including, the middle group, and finally the middle group. The middle group shall be defined as that group in which the median team in the standings is located. If there is an even number of teams being paired, the lower of the two middle teams shall be considered as the median team.

Example:         Suppose there are 88 teams:


43          10 points

44          10 points

Median team                                45             9 points

46             9 points

Therefore, the 9 point group is the middle group.